Courtney Lyons-Smoker

Interdisciplinary social scientist and speculative fiction writer


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My name is Courtney Lyons-Smoker and I am a scientist, mom, writer, and feminist. I love the ocean, the color blue, and a nice salty margarita on the rocks. Over the past 15 years, I’ve traveled from the tropics to the arctic and studied sea weeds, octopods, bowhead whales, polar bears, and fishermen. It’s been a fun journey, but I’m ready for something new. The goal of this website is to chronicle my journey as I attempt shift careers from scientist to author. So far there are two important sections.

The Llatikcuf ExperimentNamed for an Edward Abbey quote, the Llatikcuf Experiment is my personal blog. In it I detail the trials and tribulations of cutting ties with a career I’ve spent 15 years developing and the effect this transition has on my family. Highlights (will) include: moving to a new state, dealing with a change in quality of life and income, much silliness, a lot of hope, and a not insignificant amount of doubt and fear.

Nonfiction workIn this section you can find links to my scientific research on blue king crabs and the politics of place in Alaskan fishing communities. I will update it periodically as new papers and articles come out.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to contact me, I’d love to hear from you!


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